Wanderlust Society - Increase Data Collection

Date: Winter 2018
Client: Wanderlust Society
Role: CEO, Co-Founder, UX-Design

The Problem:

Which content was good? By looking at another user’s list of places to go, the user could not determine if that content was good or not.

The Solution:

Capture more data from the users when they interacted with the cards.

The extra data we wanted to capture was: Comments, Been Theres and Recommended.

What type of ratings system to implement?

I was first inspired by the Department of Health “whack a mole” rating system I encountered when walking out of a restaurant. There were three different button options to whack to rate your experience. But this was still not as simple as we wanted.

collect data.jpg

We did not want to introduce a complex star or thumbs up/down rating system. We decided a binary choice of “Recommended” would be easy enough, as the user did not have to implicitly act to make something “not recommended.” The goal here was to have only good, vetted, “recommended” content to show to other travelers.

Next we decided it would be easy for a user to quickly say, “yes, this place is recommended” without having to get too granular with how much they liked the place. We decided to make a star the affordance to represent “Recommended.”

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 8.18.31 PM.png


Please note, if the prototypes do not load properly please contact me to request a direct link.


Button Study #1

Very simple way to add a “Recommend” to a card that has been marked “Been There.” No option to add a comment from the front of the card.


Button Study #2

We tested out adding a “Recommended” star icon inline. Clicking the star would switch the star to an “on” state and then add flip the “Been There” flag to “on” as well. We did not want users “recommending” a place unless they had marked it as a “Been There.” A problem encountered with this design is the complexity of removing your “Been There.” We needed to let the user know that this act would also remove their “Recommended” rating. The alert that pops up was overly alarming so we passed on this design. It also did not easily allow for comments which we decided we wanted to implement if we could fit it into the card face.


Button Study #3

Clicking the “Been There” flag would pop up a dialog box that looked friendly and easily tappable on both desktop and mobile.

This was getting closer to the final design.


Final Design

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 11.37.27 AM.png

I made one final change to the card design. I added the ability to add a comment or tip from the face of the card without having to click “Been There.”

Clicking on “Leave a comment or tip” pops up the same “Recommended/Leave Comment” popover.


15% of the cards are “recommended” since introducing this feature.