Sliding Autonomy - Goldfinch iOS apps

Date: 2013
Client: Sliding Autonomy
Role: UX Design

Goldfinch was a personalized news iOS app created by Sliding Autonomy, a small start-up comprised of former members of the Personalization team. 

When I joined the team the v1 product requirements were well defined thanks to a fabulous product manager with a serious eye for UX design. I added value by transforming a complicated product concept into an easy to understand and intuitive experience for the user. I graphically tuned the app (and convinced the team to wait for iOS6 release to take advantage of the new fonts being introduced!) and created all the graphics for both retina and non-retina display.

I selected and managed an external design firm to create branding for both the company and the product.  I also worked with the team to design a responsive website that performed well on desktops, tablets and mobile devices to promote the app. Sadly the app is no longer available in the app store.