Amazon - Election Heat Map & Product Meter

Date: 2008
Client: Amazon
Role: UX Design

"This project's wireframes were so close to the final product, it was impressive. You listened to feedback from the rest of the retail designers and made improvements to your project. Not everyone does that."
- Bobby Nath, Retail Team Design Manager

As a designer on the Personalization and Bestsellers (Zeitgeist) teams for almost nine years, I worked on many projects. One of my favorite projects was the 2008 election heat map, "Red State or Blue State?" which measured sales of politically leaning books by state. Not shown is how the customer could click on a state and see the top selling political book for that state. Also shown to the right of the heat map is a "meter" -- another project I designed. Editors could pick two products and pit them against each other to show greatest sales velocity. Note the Barack Obama's book tellingly outsold John McCain's book by quite a percentage. (Watch out Nate Silver, Amazon's data mining tools are very powerful!)

The political heat map received over 500 media mentions and I received an Inventor's Award for Determining and Displaying Item Preferences Associated with Geographic Areas, Patent #8489445.