Jana Kleitsch


I'm a UX Designer with over a decade of experience working for world renowned corporations to fledgling startups. My passion is taking complex tasks and simplifying them into usable experiences. I love innovating, collaborating and working iteratively with a diverse product team to create user experiences that can be successfully used by everyone (hi mom!). I start at the ideation stage, wireframe, prototype, create graphics, ship software and test… then rinse and repeat with the ultimate goal of delighting the customer. 

+ Responsive UX design for web & mobile
+ Research, flow-charting, wireframing
+ Prototyping
+ Interactive tool design
+ E-commerce merchandising
+ Taking ambiguous goals and translating into actionable requirements 

Accessory skills:
+ Technical writing
+ Branding
+ Messaging and story telling
+ Photography
+ Basic HTML, CSS and Javascript
+ Agile methodologies 
+ Lean Startup principles





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